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Indoor Air Quality – Indoor Relief Within 24 Hours

It seems redundant to say, but the quality of the air we breathe is important. Poor air quality can lead to health problems which can affect all areas of your life. If you breathe bad air you feel bad, it’s as simple as that.

We can run air tests to see what you are breathing and what can be done to improve your air quality. These air tests quantify the types, and amount, of mold in the air. The Air-O-Cell test is important in determining whether the indoor air quality in a building is better or worse than the outdoor natural environment. These samples cost $125 apiece. One must be taken outside for a control and one must be taken for every 1000 sq. ft. or for every level of the house. Results are available within 24 hours.

We offer whole house disinfection which kills almost all germs and viruses found in homes. This process is recommended year round, but especially during the winter months when germs are at their worst. Using a solution that is engineered to kill germs mechanically, not chemically, and applying it with an electrostatic sprayer, which causes the solution to safely adhere to every surface in a room, even the ones that are not easily accessible. The solution will last several weeks in high traffic areas and can last several months in low traffic areas. The same process is being used at Disney World and in many major and college level locker rooms across the country.   

One of the major contributors to poor air quality is a dirty furnace system. Dirty ducts and a dirty furnace only help to circulate dust and other harmful particles throughout your house. If mold is present in one room it can be spread throughout the whole house via the duct system. We recommend a whole house duct cleaning to help improve overall air quality. According to industry standards, your duct work build up contains:

  • Mold
  • Pollen
  • Viruses
  • Skin flakes
  • Pet hair & dander
  • Decaying organic matter
  • Bacteria
  • Textile fibers
  • Dust mites
  • Residue from chemicals and household products

Many of the above elements are well known allergy triggers and these harmful elements live in your air ducts. In addition to the health benefits of clean ductwork, other benefits and reasons for having your ducts cleaned are:

  • Reduce utility bills by increasing the volume of air flow at the registers / diffusers
  • Reduce excessive amounts of dust inside the office or home
  • Eliminate musty odors when operating the furnace and air conditioner
  • Improve uneven temperatures from room to room

Much like using bleach to kill mold and using primer to fix smoke damage, paying someone from an ad $50 to duct clean is not the same as having it professionally done. You get what you pay for in life.

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