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Mold Damage Restoration Morgantown Indiana

Need Mold Damage Restoration in Morgantown Indiana? Fire, Smoke, Water and Mold  problems can come on like the dreaded Four Horsemen of the  Apocalypse if they affect your home and family. Each of these can be a unique and difficult catastrophe to deal with.

What can you do if

  • If your home has sustained damage from a house fire
  • If the smoke has saturated the contents
  • If Flooding  has occurred
  • If mold and mildew results from flood waters

The best option is to call Funkhouser Restoration Services, Indiana’s  go-to company for Mold Damage Restoration in Morgantown Indiana and

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Founded in 1990 as a painting contractor, in 2011 Funkhouser expanded their services to include restoration services such as mold remediation, water extraction, duct cleaning, carpet cleaning and disinfection. This decision was made because of customer demand and an obvious need for these services.

While the effects of Fire, Smoke, and Water damage can be critical and should be dealt with quickly. mold can be the most difficult and dangerous condition to deal with.

Mold  is harmful to both people and property. It is a devious substance that can lay undiscovered.  While it may not  seen, there are warning signs to alert homeowners of its presence. If  family members begin having headaches or breathing problems, the culprit could be mold.  Look for signs like:

  • musty mildewy odor
  • wood Floors that begin to cup
  • dark discoloration on drywall and cabinets
  • discolored floorboards in attics and crawlspaces


At the first indication of any of these signs, it is imperative that you call Funkhouser before further damage occurs to both property and the health of your family. Be especially cautious if family members, especially children and the elderly have a history of asthma or other respiratory ailments.  At this point, Leave it to the experts to give your home a full , FREE MOLD INSPECTION. Call Funkehouser today at 317-847-4537.

Our technicians will perform a visual inspection of your home and go into all nooks and crannies, anywhere mold is known to form. If deeper scrutiny is required, we have an armory full of the latest technology and years of experience to insure a satisfactory result. If required we will use our advanced Airo Cell Equipment  to measure your air quality. This procedure costs $125/1000sq. ft., but guarantees the chances of resolving your mold issue through our remediation process.

What’s Involved in our Mold Damage Restoration and remediation process in Morgantown Indiana?

There are a number of steps required for complete remediation. We use whatever steps that are needed for your specific application.

  1. Identify moisture sources
  2. Evaluate the information
  3. Removal of affected, non-salvageable areas
  4. Treatment of salvageable areas
  5. Dehumidification and Drying
  6. Odor Elimination
  7. Electrostatic Fogging
  8. Air Scrubbing
  9. Trash/ Debris Removal
  10. HEPA Vacuuming
  11. Air Duct Cleaning
  12. Carpet cleaning


Part of our process is the treatment of mold with a concentrated version of hydrogen peroxide. Unlike other companies, we do not use bleach. Bleach is ineffective for the purpose as it only kills the exposed mold while leaving the root to grow and spread further.

The next step is to remove all traces of the mold and its spores with our powerful HEPA vacuum process. We urge you to fill out the inspection request on our website or call  317-847-4537 to arrange an appointment. The sooner the better. Don’t allow mold to get the best of you. Take action before it spreads. Remember, mold is also a problem for your home and contents. Left untreated, it can devastate  your interior structure, furniture, carpet and other components.

If you need assurance that our Mold Damage Restoration Morgantown Indiana works, we ask that you look over a few of our customer comments on our site. Here is one from J.H in Indianapolis.

“Funkhouser Restoration did a great job in mold remediation on my seller’s home. They are hardworking, courteous and highly effective. They supplied us with pictures of the before and after process and explained in detail what they would be doing to help simplify this process for my seller”.

There is much more to Funkhouser than Mold Remediation.  Another  key service our company offer is FIRE and Smoke Restoration.  There is nothing as disheartening a home fire. Besides the actual damage, the residual effects of smoke can leave an odor  and a film throughout your home or business that is almost impossible for an individual to remove. Painting over a surface with industrial strength primers is only a temporary stopgap to hide odors that will fail in time. Funkhouser has solutions that are 100 percent effective for completely eliminating that awful smoke odor from your home.

Here’s what we do

  • remove and package your valuables from the site to prevent further damage.
  • Take photos of the scene for insurance purposes
  • Remove Odors
  • Disinfection and sanitize the premises
  • Help locate proper storage facilities for your possessions.
  • Repair and reconstruct your damaged interior
  • removing all visual evidence of any fire or smoke damage, taking preventative measures against any bacteria growth.
  • Reconstruct damaged areas as needed and then Warranty the integrity of your structure upon completion of our tasks


Water Damage Restoration

Water is fine for boats but it is the Enemy of Your Home

The water poured on your home by the fire dept, a backed up sewer or septic field, sinks and toilets that overflow, a broken icemaker line can add up to major problems. It’s that water thing all over again.  If the problem is not fixed quickly, mold can form and put your family at risk.

The time to call is when you see signs of unwanted water leakage in your home. Timing is essential to save your  carpet, wood floors, tile, drywall and many of your personal possessions, fast action can save you tons of dollars for repairs. Our guys can handle all aspects of your water related problem. They will dry and dehumidify the premises and repair the plumbing if needed. In addition, any damage to floors, walls and the structure will be professionally restored.  After disinfection and odor removal, your home will be ready to move back into. In short, whatever needs to be done to give you back your home will be completed in a timely fashion,  including:

  • Odor removal
  • Professional advisory on valuables storage and organization
  • Full structure restoration within water damaged area
  • Cleaning  and disinfecting
  • Making  your home move-in ready


A service we recently added to our Mold Damage Restoration Morgantown Indiana toolbox are the amazing Just Gone complete deodorizing and sanitation process. This widely acclaimed new technology uses the power of Chlorine Dioxide clo2 (not Chlorine bleach) to remove even the most deep seated home odors by killing the bacteria that causes them. Using a tested and safe vaporized clo2 gassy substance, we can guarantee a home that is free of odors permanently. This amazing process is another option available from Funkhouser.

Our customers can take  advantage of our latest enhanced household service: cleaning and sanitizing your whole house hvac duct work. Consider this: every bit of air you breathe passes through your duct work. All the dust, grease,mold and other impurities in your air continuously accumulates and spreads  throughout your entire home. Your home becomes inundated with a concoction of unpleasantries made up of allergens and irritants like: Mold, Pollen, Viruses, Skin flakes (yuck), Pet hair & dander, Decaying organic matter, Bacteria, Textile fibers, Dust mites and the Residue from chemicals and household products.

Don’t waste your money or risk your health with an inexpensive coupon duct cleaning offer. If you live in any of the following cities and towns in Indiana, call  the best- call Funkhouser today and get the job done professionally.

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Contact Funkhouser for all your Mold Damage Restoration requirements in Morgantown Indiana.

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